Welcome to Ocean Pediatric Dental Associates, Your Trusted Pediatric Dentist in Toms River, Manahawkin, and Cream Ridge, NJ

Pediatric dentistry is the specialty that focuses on the unique dental and oral health needs of infants, children, and teenagers. Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dental care. Specialized training for pediatric dentists involves an additional two years of rigorous education and training, in a combined dental school and hospital setting. This experience also includes children with special healthcare needs and autism.

Just as pediatricians are the physicians that provide medical care for children, pediatric dentists specialize in providing dental services for children. One of the most important reasons to choose a pediatric dentist is the special knowledge and training that helps make the entire dental experience positive and therefore helps create a lifelong commitment to good oral health.

Our mission is to be the dental home for your child and to provide the finest in pediatric dentistry and orthodontic care in New Jersey. Our entire team is committed to providing the highest standard of clinical care and exceptional customer service. We believe that it is a privilege to treat children, and that we have a unique opportunity to make a difference and encourage each child to have a lifetime of optimal oral health. Ocean Pediatric Dental Associates is dedicated to providing education and dental care for all children while creating beautiful smiles.
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